Concrete Wall Polishing | Vertical Concrete Polishing

While concrete polishing is a common solution for high-traffic flooring, not many people are aware of concrete wall polishing. This unique solution for walls creates an elegant and easy-to-maintain vertical surface that is sure to dazzle clients and employees alike.

At Vertical Concrete Polishing, we are revolutionary experts who have perfected the process of wall concrete polishing. Learn more about our wall concrete polishing solutions today, or visit our gallery to see our previous projects.

What Is Concrete Wall Polishing?


Concrete wall polishing is a multi-step process that results in a smooth, reflective, eye-catching wall.

How Does Concrete Wall Polishing Work?


To polish vertical concrete walls, our team at Vertical Concrete Polishing has created a unique system to get the job done. We utilize vertical platforms to allow our polishing machine to efficiently polish walls and other vertical surfaces. This system allows us to get to difficult-to-reach areas in order to make them shine. 

  • Step 1: Grind all deviations from the surface

  • Step 2: Establish the profile per the clients request

  • Step 3: Apply densifier

  • Step 4: Begin honing process

  • Step 5: Apply densifier

  • Step 6: Begin polishing process

  • Step 7: Apply sealer

Why Use Wall Concrete Polishing?


Polished concrete is a visually dazzling process that comes with many benefits other than aesthetics. For example, polished concrete is easy to maintain since the hard, flat surface is easy to clean and spills roll right off. Polished concrete also has a long life, which makes it a cost-effective design choice.

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